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ThaiDeum has been praised for his playful food and culinary
“intense yet perfectly balanced”.

Chef team ThaiDeum.

Our kitchen, led by the experienced chef team ThaiDeum..

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Food & Drinks

You will fall in love pairing Thai beer with the flavor profile of different types of Thai dishes.

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We are Proud to serve only authentic and modern Thai dishes

Traditional Thai Recipes, Authentic taste, Passionate about cooking.
ThaiDeum ingredient-driven menu highlights familiar Thai flavors, inspired by hyper-local ingredients and prepared using timeless cooking techniques, but brought into the present day through unexpected combinations and creative presentation.

Thai flavors.

Believing that behind every ingredient there is an important story to be told..

Taste of Thailand.

Serving fresh and healthy food with no MSG. Our food is still authentic and affordable..

Our Team

team ThaiDeum
team ThaiDeum
Chief cook

People Talk About Us
Google & Yelp reviews

  • Vanavond hier eten afgehaald. Ben een erg grote fan van pad thai en ben zelfs speciaal naar Bangkok gevlogen om... read more

    Laurens van Roozendaal Avatar
    Laurens van Roozendaal

    Super lekker. But they don't accept credit cards. The food was really good though for the price.

    Stephen Avatar


    Shu Su Avatar
    Shu Su
  • 5 star ratingNa honderd-en-één Thaise restaurants te hebben uitgeprobeerd kan ik maar één ding concluderen: dit is de beste Thai in Amsterdam.... read more

    Saskia F. Avatar
    Saskia F.

    5 star ratingIk ben helaas nog nooit in Thailand geweest! Dus ik heb jammer genoeg nog geen kennis mogen maken met de... read more

    Georgina P. Avatar
    Georgina P.

    Great homemade Thai food (without MSG!), very kind personnel and great atmosphere.

    Tine Jensen Avatar
    Tine Jensen
  • A Chef with a clear passion for Thai food. I love her cooking!

    Angelo Busby Avatar
    Angelo Busby

    3 star ratingNice Thai place in De Pijp. Service and the cooks were great. The ladies constantly checked on the food's flavor... read more

    Suikerbuik Y. Avatar
    Suikerbuik Y.

    4 star ratingBest, most authentic Thai I have had in Amsterdam so far. Easy for a vegetarian. Everything I have had has... read more

    Janelle C. Avatar
    Janelle C.
  • Heerlijk gegeten

    Mark van meijer Avatar
    Mark van meijer

    2 star ratingCute atmosphere but service was just okay and my Pad Thai tasted burnt. Chicken satays didn't have much flavor. I... read more

    T T. Avatar
    T T.

    The staff has limited English, but very hospitable. Coconut curry dishes were absolutely amazing! The Exotic Thai decor is very... read more

    Stanley Pan Avatar
    Stanley Pan
  • Heerlijk gegeten bij Thai Deum, goede kwaliteit met Laotiaans tintje.

    walter te Spenke Avatar
    walter te Spenke

    Heel gezellig en heerlijke cuisine! De medewerkers zijn gastvrije en de keuken was heel leker! Een aanrader in Amsterdam!! Haartelijk bedankt!

    Anakadji Avatar

    Fine Thai,Good flavors,sweet staff,

    remi mirade Avatar
    remi mirade
  • Eten was heerlijk. De serveerster was heel aardig.

    Mijn schatje Phoebe Avatar
    Mijn schatje Phoebe

    Heerlijk eten voor een hele leuke prijs. Super lieve mensen. Je moet echt weten dat het restaurant er zit maar... read more

    Kim Ansink Avatar
    Kim Ansink

    Fantastic food

    Addiped Cheng Avatar
    Addiped Cheng
  • Heerlijk! Beste pad Thai in de pijp zelfde geld voor de soep heerlijk!

    Benjamin B Avatar
    Benjamin B

    One of the best thai restaurants in town. Great staff great stuff

    Olmo Rupert Avatar
    Olmo Rupert

    5 star ratingMy boyfriend and I went here for dinner last night and it was some of the best Thai food we... read more

    Lisa R. Avatar
    Lisa R.
  • 5 star ratingWe were staying very close to this restaurant and decided to eat there on our first night in Amsterdam -... read more

    Taryn R. Avatar
    Taryn R.

    5 star ratingBeen back every year at IBC time since being introduced to this resturant. Food is incredibly fresh and flavorful and... read more

    Uncle D. Avatar
    Uncle D.

    I’ve been coming here since I just moved to Amsterdam 2,5 years ago. Until today, Thai Deum is still my... read more

    Albert Herman Avatar
    Albert Herman
  • 1 star ratingTeeny tiny portions, very expensive. This place is 1 block from my old home. It was always disappointing knowing that... read more

    Marco L. Avatar
    Marco L.

    5 star ratingThe absolute _Best_Thai_ in Amsterdam!I have been to many thai restaurants in amsterdam, and this is the one i keep... read more

    Siz D. Avatar
    Siz D.

    Great flavours

    Elwin Arens Avatar
    Elwin Arens
  • 5 star ratingDe beste Thai van Amsterdam. Ga zelf proeven en genieten.

    Patrick M. Avatar
    Patrick M.

    Authentic Thai and really warm service.

    Sawan Mahindrakar Avatar
    Sawan Mahindrakar

    awfulBad foodWait 2 hourNo Visa card acceptedDon’t come

    党曼毓 Avatar
  • Authentic flavors!

    Julio Oliva Avatar
    Julio Oliva

    excellent food!

    Peter Avatar

    We waited for our food for 2 hours. They don't accept visa debit card and credit card. They wont let... read more

    Wang Ningyuan Avatar
    Wang Ningyuan
  • Awesome food and very nice people!

    Daniël Stalpers Avatar
    Daniël Stalpers

    Gutes Essen, netter Service, passable Preise

    Droegel Avatar

    I lived in Thailand for four years and this is the only place I can justify spending western prices on... read more

    Sarah Gibbins Avatar
    Sarah Gibbins
  • 4 star ratingi'm soo happy there's a yummy thai place in my hood! my litmus test for a good thai restaurant... read more

    Alli K. Avatar
    Alli K.

    I order Laab Kai and Tom Yak Plaa for takeaway. The people in the restaurant were extremely friendly, typical Thai.The... read more

    Joel Wetterhahn Avatar
    Joel Wetterhahn

    Very friendly staff, the food is very good and clean 🙂

    Luis Villar Avatar
    Luis Villar
  • Ordered: Phad Thai Deum, tom kha koenServing time: appetizers 13 minutes, main dishes 34 minutesA decent Thai restaurant, but nothing... read more

    Gordon Freeman Avatar
    Gordon Freeman

    Prima prijzen en lekker eten.

    Floor A Avatar
    Floor A

    Super accueil...et bonnes choses

    André FISCHER Avatar
    André FISCHER
  • Lekker Thais eten, de gebakken rijst alleen al is lekker

    Ashwin Mohan Avatar
    Ashwin Mohan

    4 star ratingWe went here during the week and it wasn't real busy, only about half the tables were occupied. We... read more

    Zachary S. Avatar
    Zachary S.

    Authentieke Thaise gerechtenHier wordt nog gekookt op de echte manier dus geen standaard aangedikte sauzen die er door worden geroerd,... read more

    Frevo Oud Avatar
    Frevo Oud
  • Perfect zoals altijdDe beste thai van Amsterdam!Super lekker alles versSuper aardige eigenaar!

    rocco de filippo Avatar
    rocco de filippo

    My favorite Thai in Amsterdam! Delicious food and very kind and fast service. Great range of options, varying from chicken... read more

    Aloys Wijngaards Avatar
    Aloys Wijngaards

    1 star ratingEen paar jaar geleden had ik hier ook al is gegeten en was is ziek geworden toen ik thuis kwam.... read more

    Prissyl W. Avatar
    Prissyl W.
  • 2 star ratingCame here on the recommendation of other yelpers. Can't say that my experience was as good as theirs. Staff were... read more

    One B. Avatar
    One B.

    Tasty food. Good music.

    Matthias Debernardini Avatar
    Matthias Debernardini

    Wonderful people running the place and good food. I only do take away from here though.

    Morten Skriver Avatar
    Morten Skriver
  • Excellent Thai food

    Cosmin Epureanu Avatar
    Cosmin Epureanu

    1 star ratingDo not get the Thai tea here. I watched them literally pour 1/4 black oishi tea from a bottle and... read more

    Shelley X. Avatar
    Shelley X.


    Doronn Victor Avatar
    Doronn Victor
  • I've come here 3 separate times on 3 separate trips. Every time fantastic.

    Andrew Fiorillo Avatar
    Andrew Fiorillo

    Heerlijk eten. Traditionele uitstraling. Vriendelijk personeel.

    N.L. van den Hazel Avatar
    N.L. van den Hazel

    Drama voedsel, schandalig voor de thaise keuken, dit wat ze verkopen heeft niks met de thaise keuken te maken, Drama !!!

    Amsterdam A Avatar
    Amsterdam A
  • Disappointment!!!I was badly surprised today taking away dinner from them, when I realised the the dishes became so small.I... read more

    David Dekel Avatar
    David Dekel

    Altijd heerlijk en goed eten bij Thai Deum. Zeer vriendelijk. Mijn favoriete thai.

    Irma de Koning Avatar
    Irma de Koning

    Horrible. Portions are a joke for the expensive price you put and the food is no good. Worst part is,... read more

    Zero O Avatar
    Zero O